Retiring Sen. Kay Wolf leads Overland Park Chamber’s 2016 voting records

Sen. Kay Wolf is stepping down after one term in the high chamber.
Sen. Kay Wolf is stepping down after one term in the high chamber.

Retiring Prairie Village Sen. Kay Wolf earned a perfect score from the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce in its assessment of local legislators’ voting records this year

Issued each year, the chamber’s voting records assess how legislators’ voting records helped support the legislative priorities of the chamber, which seek to keep Johnson County a thriving business community.

“Many of the issues that impact the business community are decided in the halls of government,” Tom Robinett, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, said in a release accompanying the new report. “For this reason, pro-business advocacy is one of the most important services the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce provides to our community.”

Wolf’s 100 percent record from 2016 contributed to her lifetime voting record of 92 percent with the chamber, the highest among the 34 legislators rated by the organization, which is the largest chamber of commerce in Johnson County.

Northeast Johnson County Reps. Barbara Bollier (91 percent), Stephanie Clayton (91 percent), Jarrod Ousley (82 percent), and Melissa Rooker (91 percent) fared well in the analysis as well.

The worst rating went to Rep. Craig McPherson who was judged to have voted in the chamber’s interest 36 percent of the time. Reps. Amanda Grosserode, Mike Kiegerl, Jerry Lunn, Charles Macheers, Randy Powell, John Rubin and Bill Sutton were all judged to have voted with the chamber less than half of the time, as well. Mary Pilcher-Cook was the lowest-rated local member of the Senate, coming in at 50 percent.

The full report is embedded below: