Your questions for the District 21 GOP House candidates

Neil Melton and Dorothy Hughes.
Neil Melton and Dorothy Hughes.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to send in your questions for the candidates in the Republican primary for District 21 Kansas House of Representatives seat. Today we present the list of five questions taken from those reader suggestions.

The winner of the primary between Dorothy Hughes and Neil Melton will face Democrat Jerry Stogsdill in the November election.

The District 21 GOP race is the only contested primary among the NEJC legislative seats on the ballot this year.

We will be sending the questions along to the candidates today and publishing their answers in a couple of weeks.

1 – Some groups say Kansas schools are adequately funded while other take the opposite view. What is your position on school funding? Do your views closely align with any particular advocacy group?

2 – Who did you vote for in the 2014 Kansas governor’s race and why?

3 – Do you describe yourself as pro-choice or pro-life? Please explain your position in detail.

4 – The Kansas Legislature has passed measures that forced cities to change their gun laws and change their election cycles. New state laws imposed a tax lid on cities and dictated the placement of political signs in public right-of-way. Many cities opposed this legislation and saw it as an intrusion on home rule. What do you think of these actions by the Legislature and how do you view the Legislature’s proper role in its relation to city and county government?

5 – Do you believe changes need to be made to the current Kansas tax plan to generate more revenue for the state? If so, what changes would you make?