MainStream PAC endorses NEJC incumbents for upcoming primary election


The political action committee for the MainStream Coalition has endorsed all of the northeast Johnson County incumbent state representatives for re-electon in the August primary.

That includes endorsing Rep. Barbara Bollier who is now running for the Kansas Senate seat to replace Kay Wolf.

Brandi Fisher, MainStream Executive Director said that MainStream, consistent with other organizations, has long had a policy of endorsing “friendly” incumbents and not endorsing another candidate in the race.

Besides Republican Bollier, MainPAC has endorsed Democrat Jarrod Ousley and Republicans Melissa Rooker and Stephanie Clayton, all of whom are incumbents. In the District 21 race, Bollier’s old seat before she announced for the Senate, both Democrat Jerry Stogsdill and Republican Dorothy Hughes were endorsed by the MainStream PAC. Incumbent Democrat Pat Pettey, who faces no opposition for Senate District 6, also was endorsed.

Fisher said candidates must fill out the MainStream survey to get an endorsement and interviews are sometimes held to clarify a survey response. For incumbents, the voting record is compared on several key votes. The group does not endorse two candidates running against each other in the primary but would look for the strongest candidate.

In some races, MainStream endorsed both a Democrat and Republican for the primary, but not in all races. New endorsements will be issued for the general election, Fisher said.

The complete list of endorsements can be found here. The endorsements are prefaced by this statement form MainPAC:

MainPAC has a long and proud history of backing candidates on both sides of the aisle who support strong public education free of special interests, fiscally responsible policies that balance revenue strategies, and good government free from partisan machinations and religious doctrine.