Merriam boy who died from brain cancer to be buried today in uniform given to him by Merriam Police Department

Dominic King died last week from brain cancer.
Dominic King died last week from brain cancer.

Dominic King will be buried today in a police uniform that the Merriam Police Department had specially made for him.

Dominic was only 8 years old when he died last week from brain cancer at Children’s Mercy Hospital. For months before his death, though, Merriam officers had built a special relationship with the boy who wanted to be a police officer himself.

Merriam Police Chief Mike Daniels said officers had met the boy at an event and found out about his cancer. Officers would stop by to visit him when they were out on patrol.

Merriam police posted an honor guard at the visitation Monday night and Kristin Hannabass and Rashad Castaneda, officers who were close to Dominic, will be pall bearers at the funeral today.

The department took Dominic to a uniform shop to be measured for a specially tailored police uniform. The department had hoped to have Dominic come to the city council meeting two weeks ago to be given his uniform and made an honorary police officer with the Merriam Police Department.

Dominic’s condition deteriorated after surgery and he was not able to come to the meeting. Instead, Chief Daniels went to Children’s Mercy to give Dominic the uniform and conferred the title of honorary officer at his bedside.

Dominic also was attending a karate studio run by a former Merriam police chaplain. He was given an honorary black belt before his passing.

Daniels noted that compassion is one of the core values of the department – a value the officers demonstrated with Dominic.

Reports over the weekend also detailed the family’s challenge in paying for expenses.