Mission tells residents that Google Fiber connections to homes slated to begin soon

Google Fiber is currently working in Westwood to replace some conduit that was placed under private property in a few spots.
Google Fiber has been running new fiber optic cable in NEJC for many months.

Connections for homes that signed up for Google Fiber service in Mission could begin soon – at least the next step of bringing the connection to the side of the house.

Signups for the neighborhoods in Mission and Prairie Village closed last month with all of the Google Fiberhoods meeting the minimum signup number for service.

The next step is to bring service from the street to the side of the house. Mission posted the following notice to residents outlining the next steps:

“If you live in a single family home and signed up for service, they’ll bring a fiber connection from the street to the side of your home. Here are some things to look for:
• Communications: They will be placing a note on your home prior to beginning any construction so you are aware of what to expect.
• Locates: Markings will be placed outlining where utilities are in order to avoid interrupting other utility services.
• NIU Drop (Network Interface Unit): A technician will be installing your NIU box on the side of your home. (Once utility locate markings appear, you should see an installation within 2 weeks.)
• Quality Control: Once the drop is placed on your home, another technician will do a quality control check.

Once Google Fiber has confirmed that your fiber connection is ready, they’ll contact you to schedule your in-home installation appointment. Please make sure that you regularly check the email address associated with your Google Fiber account to receive our updates related to your installation.”

The city said the utility location orders were sent out last week. Work is expected to follow soon after, which could mean this week and next week.

A notice that went out from Google Fiber to residents signed up in one Prairie Village neighborhood earlier this month said the goal was to complete household installation by the end of winter to homes there.

Google has run miles of new fiber optic cables throughout the cities in recent months.