Mission City Council settles on 4 animal limit per household with maximum of 3 dogs or 3 cats in the mix

Dog photo

Mission will allow residents to have up to four animals in the house – dogs or cats – but that combination cannot have more than three dogs or three cats among the mix.

The Mission City Council unanimously approved the ordinance Wednesday night with no discussion. The new limit on animals in each residence takes a step back from a previous proposal that would have allowed up to six dogs or six cats.

Mission had allowed two dogs and two cats with a third dog or cat requiring a permit with consent of the neighbors and annual renewal.

The move to raise the number to six animals and remove the permit requirement was discussed in terms of allowing foster animals. While some councilors were okay with the six-animal limit, others balked at the higher number and the revision to the animal control ordinance was sent back to committee. Changes in the animal control ordinance have been discussed for several months.

The permit process is removed under the new four-animal limit. Other changes made in the rewrite include a reduction in the impoundment period before an animal can be adopted, a more extensive section on animal cruelty and a section detailing an owner’s responsibility for humane care.