New coffee shop coming to Westwood on 47th Street next to Lulu’s Asian Bistro

The coffee shop will be in the small house next to the restaurant.
The coffee shop will be in the small house next to the restaurant.

A new coffee shop is headed for Westwood’s 47th Street corridor.

Malisa Monyakula, the owner of Lulu’s Asian Bistro, and her husband plan to open the coffee shop in a small house that is part of the property for the restaurant.

A revised site plan for the bistro and coffee shop was approved by the Westwood Planning Commission Monday night. The house sits directly west of the building housing Lulu’s Asian Bistro at 2701 W. 47th St. The single-family house will use 350 square feet for the coffee shop patron space with the remainder used for restrooms and a kitchen.

“I think it is a good fit for 47th Street,” plan commissioner Chris Ross told Monyakula Monday. The coffee shop will share parking with the restaurant. The number of off-site spaces already are sufficient to support both operations, City Administrator Fred Sherman told the commission.

Monyakula told the commissioners that the restaurant is more of a night hours business – the opposite of the Lulu’s location downtown. The coffee shop is likely to be more walkable for the neighborhood, commissioners were told, with outside informal seating.

The original site plan for the restaurant was approved in December 2013. It proposed converting the 2,600 square foot brick building that had been a gas station and then a car repair operation into the restaurant. The restaurant opened in the fall of 2015.

A 500 square foot outdoor seating area was added later. The revised plan covers converting the small house to the coffee shop.