Boulevard Apartments tops property tax list in Roeland Park; combined shopping center parcels on Roe worth more together

Boulevard Apartments
Boulevard Apartments is the single property with the highest assessed value in Roeland Park.

Boulevard Apartments is now the top single property taxpayer in Roeland Park, although adding together a number of the shopping center properties along Roe Boulevard would produce a larger total.

The city’s annual audit for 2015, which was recently presented to the city council, shows that a number of the shops in commercial district along Roe Boulevard are separate parcels. After the more than $2.5 million in assessed valuation for the apartments, the next highest taxpayer is TMM Roeland Park Center at $2.4 million, which includes Walmart and smaller shops such as the liquor store and a cell phone store. The Bella Roe shops are divided into two collections, one with a $2.2 million valuation ( Cici’s , Check Smart, Tips and Toes) and one with $1.8 million (Subway, Cricket, China Star and more).

After the commercial areas on the westside of Roe, valuation and property drops to $637,000 for Walgreens, followed by Aldi at $548,000, Mission Bank at $303,000, QuikTrip at $276,000. Boulevard’s value accounts for four percent of the total value in the city. The top 10 by valuation account for 17.86 percent of the city’s assessed value.

On the sales tax side, which are reported in the audit as types of stores, department stores account for 28 percent of the city’s sales tax. Walmart is the largest contributor in that category. Supermarkets and grocery (excluding convenience stores) account for 22 percent of the sales tax and home centers represent 18 percent of sales tax. Walmart, Price Chopper and Lowe’s all sit along the westside of Roe Boulevard. Those three categories account for more than 68 percent of the city sales tax.

The next highest category, electric power generation, is only 3.8 percent of the sales tax, followed by two categories of restaurants, and then gas stations and convenience stores. Pharmacies and drug stores are the 10th largest category at 1.6 percent of sales tax revenue.

City sales tax and property tax each accounted for 34 percent of the city’s revenue in 2015.

The audit does not show employer levels in Roeland Park, but does include employment levels for the county. According to the list, Cerner employs more than 10,000 in Johnson County followed by Ford at 7,400, Sprint at 6,000, Johnson County at 3,871, AT&T at 3,772, Shawnee Mission School District at 3,716, United Health at 3,500, Blue Valley schools at 3,331, Garmin at 3,176 and Black & Vetch at 3,100.