Spotted in Prairie Village: A bevy of breathtaking barred owls


People: When it comes to Mother Nature, I don’t like to play favorites. But there’s no getting around the fact that barred owls are by far the coolest of owls (although barn owls are pretty sweet, too…) So it was with much delight that I opened an email from reader Michael Alsin this week sharing two great shots of the barred owls that have been hanging around his home near 69th Street and Nall Avenue.

“I have been listening to these owls call back and forth over the past several months, so I knew a pair/nest was around,” he writes. “Over the past month I had watched an individual hunt at the far end of my backyard.”

He snuck the shot above as the owl nestled in a tree above his back patio. For the shot below, “some agitated squirrels and other birds alerted me to some predator being around.”