Mission backs off plan that would have allowed residents to own up to 6 dogs


After receiving a wave of concerned feedback, Mission officials on Wednesday moved to back away from a proposal that would have allowed residents to own as many as six dogs.

The proposed changes to the city’s animal control ordinance would have allowed any Mission resident to own any combination of up to four dogs and/or cats with the ability to add two more with a $50 annual fee per animal. But concerns about the implications of having that many dogs housed in a structure prompted the city’s administration to bring the proposal up for further discussion at Wednesday’s Finance and Administration Committee meeting.

“The primary concern is the total number of dogs that might be allowed per household being at six,” City Administrator Laura Smith told the council.

Council member Ron Appletoft agreed, and instead proposed that the city look to mirror the animal control ordinance on the books in Prairie Village, which allows residents to own any combination of up to three dogs and/or cats.

“Seems like we’re going to an extreme,” Appletoft said of the six animal proposal. “There is nothing pushing us do anything.”

The rest of the council assented to Appletoft’s proposal, and agreed to bring it forward for more discussion at the next council meeting.