Prairie Village informs HOAs of plans to explore materials guidelines, ‘4-sided architecture’ requirement for new homes


The city of Prairie Village is preparing to embark on a fresh round of input solicitation from citizens, architects and developers on guidelines that would dictate minimum requirements for new home designs in the city.

As the city continues to see more and more original homes razed to make way for new build projects, Prairie Village officials held a series of public sessions early this year on a series of design restrictions that would help ensure aesthetic cohesion throughout neighborhoods. Through those meetings, city staff identified brought-support consensus on modifications to the city’s existing code that would address side set back, height and first floor elevation.

But the Prairie Village City Council directed staff last month to continue working with interested parties to determine whether additional regulations would be beneficial, too. These regulations might include the requirement that the four-sides of a building match each other in design characteristic — an idea intended to avoid the cost-saving measure some builders use of reducing window coverage or more expensive siding on the sides of houses — and a list of approved building materials.

“We are striving to achieve a broader range of opinions by engaging additional architects and developers in a collaborative process to develop workable ideas to shape the future of our community,” said Assistant City Manager Wes Jordan. “We also plan to include additional considerations such as four-sided architecture and a materials list for exterior siding on new construction that was recommended by several residents who participated in the meetings.”

Below is a letter Jordan sent to the heads of the city’s homes associations ahead of the public hearing on the first set of code modifications, which is set for the Planning Commission meeting June 7: