Google Fiberhoods hit goals for service across Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission, Mission Hills

The Google Fiber building in Midtown.
The Google Fiber building in Midtown.

It was not problem for Google Fiber to hit its goals for sign ups in the 79 separate Fiberhoods for east Johnson County.

All but one of the 79 had reached the prescribed Google Fiber sign up goal by Thursday, the last day for pre-registration period that guarantees service will come to the area. The Stone Ridge Fiberhood, which is wedged in the southwest corner of the I-35 and Metcalf exchange, only needed one more sign up on Thursday afternoon – every other neighborhood goal had been met – but was listed as not qualified Friday morning on the Google site.

The company does not give a specific timeline for service to reach individual houses, but says it is working to get new customers “hooked up as quickly as possible.” Google first began hooking up homes in NEJC almost exactly one year ago.

The latest rollout for the high-speed Internet service covers the Prairie Village, Mission, Fairway and Mission Hills and a section of north Overland Park. Service is already installed in Merriam, Roeland Park, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods.

The product lineup now includes phone service as well as television and Internet.