Spotted in northeast Johnson County: Orange feathers aplenty!

Folks: I’m not ashamed to admit I was pretty proud of the downy woodpecker shot I captured over the weekend. But then my neighbor Dr. Carol Tucker sent along the following and I realized that I’m still very much a bird photography¬†padawan:


That stunning shot is of a Baltimore oriole in mid-flight.

“First time I have had Baltimore orioles in my backyard,” Tucker said. “More than ten orioles are continuing to empty the grape jelly feeder and oranges.”

Orioles may be the less familiar orange-feathered bird hanging out in northeast Johnson County this spring, but that doesn’t make their more common friend the robin any less fun to watch. The proprietors of Mission Fresh Fashion on Johnson Drive sent along this shot:


“This patient little robin mother has been nesting on her eggs for the last three weeks in a tree that is part of the newly redesigned Johnson Drive,” they write.

And…hey, look! That patience paid off: