Mission parks study suggests trails master plan, dog park study, among other improvements

A recommendation for Mohawk Park included reconfiguring playing fields and potentially adding tennis courts now at Andersen.
A recommendation for Mohawk Park included reconfiguring playing fields and potentially adding tennis courts now at Andersen.

Mission residents were given a briefing on the city’s new parks master plan Tuesday which outlines a series of improvements that could be made to the parks in coming years. The new plan does not specify which new amenities should be added from the list of those suggested in public meetings or where they should be placed.

The plan says the city should create a trails master plan for the city and a signs master plan for the parks as well as standardize some of the furnishings in the parks, such as shelters. It also called for identifying where sidewalks are needed and a study on the development of a dog park.

Terry Berkbuegler of Confluence consultants said there is a lot of interest in dog parks and many communities are making them a priority. There are ways to “make them more attractive than what you see around the metro,” Berkbuegler said.

In response to questions, he said Confluence did not do a feasibility study on placing a dog park. Streamway Park could be a site for a larger dog park or there could be several smaller ones placed around the community. They do not have to be large acreage, he said.

Small athletic fields could be improved along with the shelters, the study recommended. The study noted that Mission has low park acreage and little opportunity to acquire new park land. That makes it important to make the existing parks more attractive and improve connectivity, the study said.

The southern areas of Mission are better served by the existing parks, the maps showed, based on proximity.

Streamway Park, Berkbuegler said, represented “one of the best opportunities for something to happen.” Improving access, adding trail connections and a possible interpretive center could be added to the park. Improving trail conditions was a recommendation for nearly all the parks.

Other recommendations included: Broadmoor – remove old parking lot below the turf; Waterworks – restroom addition; Andersen – consider moving tennis courts to Mohawk, replace playground surface and elements; Beverly – improve trellis, maintain greenspace, possibly connect with a new playground at the community center; Mohawk – reconfigure playing fields.

The study said the community center and pool complex are highly rated and should be maintained.

Last July, residents’ ideas for new park amenities were unveiled. Those included sand volleyball courts, trails, an outdoor theater, nature center, community garden, Bocce-ball courts, ice rink and the dog park.

Asked Tuesday about a lack of basketball courts, the consultants said that was not identified as a high priority.