AT&T expanding GigaPower high-speed internet service to Westwood area

Westwood will be looking to solidify a community master plan in the coming months.
Westwood will be the latest area getting high-speed Internet service from AT&T.

The proliferation of high-speed internet options in northeast Johnson County continues.

AT&T today announced that it was expanding its GigaPower service to the Westwood area. The company had already made its gigabit-speed service available in other parts of northeast Johnson County, including Fairway, Mission Hills and Prairie Village. Company officials said residents of the Westwood area — which includes Westwood Hills and Mission Woods — can go to the GigaPower website to confirm that their address is included in the expanded service area. The timing of installation will depend on how much demand there is for service in the new area.

The announcement comes a month after competitor Google Fiber opened up a sign up period for its service in Prairie Village, Mission, Mission Hills and Fairway. The Westwood area was the first in northeast Johnson County to receive Fiber service in 2015, nearly three years after the company first announced plans to bring it there.

In a release announcing the new service, Rep. Melissa Rooker credited AT&T with helping the area remain competitive.

“Our families and our local businesses increasingly depend on high-speed Internet access,” Rooker said. “I appreciate AT&T’s commitment to expand access in Westwood and northeast Johnson County. This level of service offers a valuable tool that will help northeast Johnson County grow and thrive.”

According to AT&T, GigaPower provides connectivity speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second with packages starting at $70 per month. GigaPower also offers customers the ability to add television service to their package, with both DIRECTV and U-Verse services available.