Former SM East softball star Shannon McGinley makes ESPN Top 10 with home run-denying grab at KU


Northeast Johnson County softball fans have known for years about the serious talent of SM East graduate sisters Shannon and Erin McGinley. And on Friday, a national audience heard a little about one of them as well.

Shannon, who graduated from SM East in 2012, is now the starting left fielder for the University of Kansas — where she plays alongside her sister Erin, now a KU sophomore. The Jayhawks were playing Oklahoma State at Arrocha Ballpark in Lawrence on Friday when reliever Sophia Templin, who had struck out the previous two batters, served up a pitch to the Cowgirls’ Dre McKee. McKee rocketed the ball on a path to clear the left field fence. Shannon turned to sprint toward the wall, squared herself off a few steps before the fence and leapt. When she got to her feet, she pulled the bright green ball from her glove.

Her parents Mike and Kristy were in the stands cheering.

“She has made some pretty great catches before but this was the best one,” Kristy said.

Apparently the McGinleys weren’t the only ones who were awestruck by Shannon’s grab: ESPN used the clip as part of its Top 10 Plays countdown on SportsCenter Friday night. It came in at number three (behind a couple of NBA dunks). Check it out here. The clip starts at about 2:05: