Proposed Mission animal control changes would allow up to six dogs or cats with annual permit


An ordinance that would increase the number of dogs or cats allowed by Mission residents will be up for council approval even though some members have misgivings about the changes.

Mission now allows a resident to have two dogs and two cats. A third dog or cat requires a permit with an annual renewal and the consent of the neighbors. The new system would allow four animals – in any combination. Up to two additional animals – dogs or cats – could be added by getting a permit that would cost $50 annually for each animal.

The prospect of a household being allowed to have six dogs was a concern of some council members at a committee meeting Wednesday.

“I just think we are asking for trouble,” Councilor Suzie Gibbs said. “I think four is plenty.” Ron Appletoft also expressed reservations about six dogs. “We are moving from two dogs to six – that’s a big jump,” he said.

Most people will only have four, Jason Vaughn speculated, suggesting that allowing six was designed to cater to people who want to foster animals. Nick Schlossmacher also said he thought very few would apply for six.

“I have no problem with it,” said Councilor Pat Quinn.

The permit process for additional animals requires an inspection, but no longer is contingent on consent from the neighbors. Residents with a history of animal or code violations would not be allowed to get a permit.

The revisions to the animal control ordinance also contain number of other changes to bring it in line with best practices. The ordinance changes could be voted on at the next city council meeting.