Weekend Kitchen: The inside of my fridge


By Julia Westhoff

In your dreams, what does your fridge contain? Is it sad that inside my fridge has the ability to make me giddy or morose, depending on its contents?

This has been especially true lately. I love to cook and I do it almost every day for almost every meal. Between running around for work, nursing a baby, and chasing the older kids, I am always hungry. But even with all of my meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking so often it seems that there is NOTHING in the fridge.

But every once in a while, I get it right. My friend Jeff Akin and I were talking about this one day – what would be in your ideal fridge/freezer? We agreed that ours would include at least three types of both salsa and ice cream. But what else? Aside from the basics (which for us include eggs, whole milk, spinach and yogurt), mine would include:

– Lots and lots of grass-fed butter
– Cheese! All types
– Leftover pasta (preferably spaghetti with meatballs)
– Leftover restaurant take out (Chinese, burritos, braised meats – whatever)
– Seasonal fruit and veg
– Random delights. Right now these include a jar of lemon curd, a container of lavender cream, and some cold brew coffee.
– Sun tea
– Beer that tastes like lemonade
– Roast chicken
– Proscuitto and bacon
– Something to grill (preferably steak)
Cookie dough
– Fresh tortillas
– Good jam
Protein balls

As you can see, I have included some links to some of my favorite recipes. What about you? What would your ideal fridge contain?