Prairie Village woman helping resurrect ‘Listen to Your Mother’ performance after absence last year

Kathy Fisher helped produce this year's "Listen to Your Mother" show.
Kathy Fisher helped produce this year’s “Listen to Your Mother” show.

In 2014, Prairie Village resident Kathy Fisher shared an intimate story of the trials of raising a teenaged son before a live audience at Unity Temple on the Plaza, one of 14 women to deliver unvarnished tales of motherhood as part of the Kansas City production of “Listen to Your Mother.” Started in 2010, the organization has staged community productions ahead of Mother’s Day in dozens of U.S. cities.

“I truly loved the show,” Fisher said. “I loved it the first year I saw it as an audience member (in 2013). I loved it when I was in the production.”

So when no one stepped up to lead the staging of a Kansas City area production in 2015. Fisher and some of her fellow alumni were disappointed. Greta Funk, one of the 2013 performers, approached Fisher about the possibility of taking on responsibility for getting a 2016 production on stage.

“I have to say that I thought, ‘This is going to be a crazy amount of work,'” she recalls. “But I didn’t think about that very long. I just said yes.”

On Sunday, after months of preparation, Fisher and Funk will see their version of the show come to life. Thirteen women will share their tales of motherhood at Liberty Hall in Lawrence this Sunday, May 1, at 3 p.m. (You can find out more about tickets for the performance here. Tickets purchased at the door must be purchased with cash).

Fisher says she can’t identify a favorite among this year’s performers — they all highlight interesting aspects of being a mom, she says — but that one performer’s story about being the parent to a child coping with mental illness will leave an impression.

“So many people deal with teenagers with emotional and mental health issues, and they think that they are going through this alone,” Fisher said. “They aren’t.”