No shortage of colorful spirit at SM East’s Love Fund Color Run


SM East students and community members found a way to make a picture perfect spring morning even more so.

Dozens of runners lined up at Harmon Park in Prairie Village Saturday for the second annual Love Fund Color Run, a 5K that raises money to help support students who need help paying for school activities and meals. Along the way, they braved a gauntlet of their colored dye-spraying classmates who doused their white run tees with day-glo shades of pink, blue, purple and yellow.

The day got off to a festive start with member of the Prairie Village Police Department leading a round of the Electric Slide:

Then the runners hit the course, encountering their first round of dye on El Monte west of Corinth Square:


Here’s how it looked in slow motion:

Even pups got in on the fun:


By the time runners and volunteers reached the finish line back near SM East, they scarcely had any undyed space left on their shirts…:


or faces: