Weekend Kitchen: Chocolate crispy balls of goodness (and a PSA)


By Julia Westhoff

First, the PSA.

Last weekend Olivia played goalie for her soccer team, and she did an AMAZING job (Besides the two that she let in. So, she just stopped one and her team lost their lead. But still, she tried). As a reward for her bravery, I took her to Andre’s where we discovered something wonderful. Andre’s now makes their own nut butter.

SAY WHAT? You heard me, people. Pistachio, almond, cashew and…hazelnut. Yes, Andre’s makes their own version of nutella and it is the best thing I have ever eaten.

Like any good friend would, I immediately texted my friends about it. Kim responded sensibly, saying she would like to be buried in it. Then Brette said she had never been to Andre’s, which of course set off a flurry of ladies’ lunch date options so that we could rectify that as soon as possible. It pains me to think about what she’s been missing.

Anyways, now you know about Andre’s Hazelnut Butter. You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

Moving on, I am now going to tell you about something else you need in your life – these crispy chocolate nut butter balls. I have been making these for years. They are the perfect treat for most any ocassion, as they can be made gluten-free, nut-free, and sugar-free and they taste great every time.

The original recipe, from a cool blog called A House in the Hills, can be found here. When I make it I am more likely to use regular chocolate chips and honey, which I have on hand more often than brown rice syrup. I also tend to use regular Rice Krispies. I am not fancy, as we all know.

I usually don’t use peanut butter, since it is not allowed at the girls’ school. Every type of nut butter I have used – almond, cashew, sunflower seed (to make it nut-free) have all been great. Just be mindful that the consistencies vary, so you may need to adjust the cereal or sweetener.

However you make them, I can promise you they will be eaten up quickly and that everyone will love you. I usually make a double or a triple batch – they freeze really well.

Here again is the recipe.

And yes, you should definitely try it using the Andre’s Hazelnut Butter. Just make sure you save some for me!