Welcome to the Shawnee Mission Post!


Good morning, northeast Johnson Countians! Over the weekend, we migrated nearly six years of community news coverage from our original URL, PVPost.com, to our new home here at ShawneeMissionPost.com.

As we mentioned in the name change announcement last week, the URL transition should have no impact on how readers use the site. Our social media followers are still follow our accounts, and our newsletter subscribers will still get our daily digest email (which is a great way to ensure you never miss a local news story, by the by. You can sign up here). And if you search for an old story from PVPost, you’ll be directed to the corresponding piece of content on the new site.

Still, we’ve gotten a few common questions since we made the announcement last week, so we figured we’d answer them here:

1.) There’s no such place as “Shawnee Mission.” How will people know what area you cover?

It’s true. There is no municipality with the name Shawnee Mission. But the term has a long history as a descriptor for the northeast Johnson County area. (The Shawnee Mission was one of the first establishments in the area, after all).

The fact is that even after providing community news coverage in cities like Mission, Roeland Park and Westwood for a few years, we would still hear from readers who said, “I assumed you all only covered Prairie Village.” That was an understandable assumption, and we consequently wanted to change our name to something that would better communicate our coverage area to people who were just hearing about us for the first time.

Is it perfect? No. But, unfortunately, when you’re trying to come up with a name to cover an area that spans 11 separate municipalities, there’s no obvious choice.

2.) The sweet Prairie Village Post bag/shirt/hat I got from last year’s Support PVPost campaign is now totally antiquated/worthless!

That’s one way to look at it. The other would be that it’s a sweet, limited-edition collectors item that will show you were a fan of the site way before it was cool! (Seriously, though, if any of our terrific donors are upset about the change as it relates to the gifts, we’d be happy to offer a donation refund).

3.) What else is going to be changing about the site?

Absolutely nothing. We’re not adding any additional coverage area. The coverage and content you knew and loved (or loathed) from the Prairie Village Post will be the exact same. The only thing that’s changed is the name.

If you have any other questions about the name transition, feel free to drop us a line.