‘Anti-government’ forces controlling Kansas legislature ‘don’t represent the majority viewpoint,’ says Mission Hills mayor


Rick Boeshaar
Rick Boeshaar

Mission Hills Mayor Rick Boeshaar used his column in the Mission Hills newsletter distributed to city residents last week to take issue with a Kansas legislature dominated by lawmakers who believe “government (at all levels) is too big and too expensive” — a contingent of people, Boeshaar argues, who “routinely use questionable procedures to bypass scrutiny and avoid hearing input from opposing views.”

Boeshaar framed his column around a warning that a political and financial storm was brewing on the horizon for the state that threatens delivery of basic government services and the right of local city governments to rule themselves.

“Government works best when policies are formed in a deliberative process, with input from many to determine what works best for the majority,” Boeshaar wrote. “Before our party system became so polarized, our leaders listened, debated, and compromised to find the best solutions. The current legislative leaders don’t represent the majority viewpoint because too few citizens were involved in funding and electing them.”

The entire column is embedded below: