Weekend Kitchen: A is for asparagus


By Julia Westhoff

If I told Julia from 5 years ago that in 2016 she would eat asparagus at almost every meal for a week straight, she would have been very, very surprised. I never used to like asparagus and it is just now starting to grow on me. So much, that I cannot stop making it! In the past week I have had:

  • Creamed asparagus (for the Senter family Easter – yum!)
  • Roasted asparagus
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Asparagus with hollandaise
  • Asparagus salad

Is anyone else getting flashbacks to Bubba Gump right now? Anyways, I wanted to share the last recipe with you, not only because it was incredibly delicious, but it is also a great way to use up any hardboiled eggs that may be lingering from your Easter holiday. We served this when we had friends over the other night and it made the whole dinner feel so perfectly springy.

This recipe is from the New York Times food section, which I have been turning to more and more for reliable recipes. I highly recommend this for a light lunch or as a great side during dinner. Follow this link and enjoy!