Roeland Park to repair Nall Park restrooms that have been closed for years; shelter, drinking fountain also will be fixed

Nall Park bathrooms
The Nall Park restrooms and shelter will be repaired this year.

Roeland Park’s Nall Park will be getting renovations to its restrooms, shelter and drinking fountain all in 2016 after bid prices for the work came in lower than expected.

The restrooms have been closed for more than a decade at the park, according to the council discussion, because of their state of disrepair. City Administrator Keith Moody told the council that his intent is for the restrooms to be open whenever the park is open. Councilor Michael Rhoades, during a discussion of the project last week, asked if the restrooms would only be open to people who rented the shelter.

Because the combination bid to fix all three of the Nall Park assets was a “good deal,” staff recommended using part of the 2017 maintenance funds to complete all three projects in 2016 and take advantage of the pricing. Councilor Becky Fast said the city never expected such a good bid.

The renovations had the backing of the parks committee and residents who spoke to the council last week. The total for all three projects is slightly more than $81,000, with the base bid for the restrooms at $64,959.

The only objection to the project came from Councilor Ryan Kellerman who objected to the price. “That amount to me is astounding,” Kellerman said.

Fast responded that residents had waited 15 years for the repairs. Kellerman was the only vote against approval.