Weekend Kitchen: Quesadillas on the grill


By Julia Westhoff

File this under No Big Shocker, but grilled things taste good. I mean, I knew this already – chicken, brats, burgers – those are all incredibly delicious on the grill. But in the past couple of years we have really expanded our grilled repertoire, and the results have been amazing.

This has partly to do with one of my favorite food bloggers, Shutterbean. She is constantly posting delicious-looking pictures of grilled pizzas, salads and even english muffins. There is nothing this lady does not put on the grill and it has really inspired me to give it a shot.

I’ve already written about our love affair with grilled bread, which remains one of my favorite things to eat five years later. These quesadillas have also been delicious on the old barbie. The hint of smokiness and the crunchy char, mixed with some melty Mexican cheese and refried beans….it has truly elevated our quesadilla game. I cannot think of a more perfect accompaniment to some March Madness – check it out this weekend!

Grilled Quesadillas (serves 2)
4 flour tortillas
1 cup Mexican cheese (we like Cotija and Manchego, which we find at the Price Chopper on Roe)
1/2 cup refried beans
1/2 cup shredded chicken or steak
Olive oil
Toppings of your preference

Heat grill to medium. Brush olive oil on one side of each tortilla. Spread beans, and top with chicken and cheese. Grill until charred.