Weekend Kitchen: Grown up Spaghettios


By Julia Westhoff

Okay people, bear with me. Some of you may think that even the idea of this recipe is totally ridiculous – if thats you, go ahead and save yourself 30 seconds and stop reading now. But if you loved Spaghettios when you were I kid like I did, this recipe is for you.

Growing up in Minnesota, Spaghettios ruled our lunchtime table. My brothers and I loved them with meatballs or with hot dogs, but never plain. And I am sure that at a dollar a can, my parents loved them, too.

Now that I am older my palate has grown. I love sous vide steak and roast cauliflower, but every once in a while I get a mad craving for Spaghettios. But sadly, like so many foods from my childhood, the real thing just doesnt cut it anymore – the sauce is sooo salty! And the pasta is sooo mushy!

Instead, I make my own. After much searching I found this great recipe from Saveur (and yes, I totally felt vindicated that a writer at a fancy-pants food magazine also craved this lowbrow dish). And its ridiculously simple.

The only complication is finding the O-shaped pasta. I got mine online, but I have seen it at specialty Italian shops around town.

And here, without further ado, the recipe…