The Casey name maintains its history on Mission’s Johnson Drive; new Casey Auto Repair now open

Carl Casey at the new shop on Johnson Drive that opened this week.
Carl Casey at the new shop on Johnson Drive that opened this week.

For Carl and Cathy Casey, their new auto repair site represents much more than just an expansion of their business: it’s where they met many years ago. It’s also where Carl’s dad and uncle operated the Casey Brothers Sinclair for decades. It’s where Carl started helping out when he was 14.

Casey’s Auto Repair on the Drive – meaning on Mission’s Johnson Drive – opened this week giving the Caseys two sites for their business. Customers can choose between taking their cars to the new Johnson Drive location at the corner of Reeds, or to the Beverly Drive location that the Caseys have operated since January 2007.

“I love it,” Carl says of the fact that he was able to keep the Casey name on the Johnson Drive business. The Casey brothers operated the Sinclair station for 56 years, closing last summer. Carl was able to buy the property, a place he worked for 15 years, from Sinclair when the station closed.

Carl was working at the Sinclair station the day Cathy came in to get change for the phone booth that used to be on the corner. “It was love at first sight,” he says. The Beverly Drive location also has a special family history. Carl’s dad was fire chief and Carl remembers going to the building as a child for Christmas parties when it was the volunteer fire headquarters.

It wasn’t just about getting the property for the family connection. Casey’s business had expanded to the point he couldn’t accommodate customers they way he wanted. “We really needed to expand,” Casey says. “So many things on cars are unexpected.” It was getting harder to get cars in when customers wanted in.

“It was just luck that this came along,” he says. “We had been ready to close on the building next door (to the Beverly location).” The work crew for Casey expanded by three, including one of the technicians from the Sinclair station.

“We wanted to keep the same feel of the place,” Carl says. The new site has had a complete makeover with the granite counters and tile floor office to match the Beverly building. “It took a lot of work to bring it up to code,” Casey says. That included new lifts and new electrical.

Carl will be at the Johnson Drive location for the time being and Cathy will be at the Beverly location. Customers can go to whichever site is more convenient. Some equipment is not duplicated at both locations, but the crew will shuttle it over and bring it back if it needs service at the other site. Fabian Torres, known to many long-time customers, also will be working at the Beverly site.

The usual phone number (913-403-9500) rings at the Johnson Drive shop and 913-403-9503 rings at the Beverly location. Customers can use either number.