Roeland Park committee recommends Benedictine College for branding work

The Roeland Park tree logo could be redone in a new branding effort.
The Roeland Park tree logo could be redone in a new branding effort.

A committee working on a rebranding strategy for Roeland Park has come up with its choice for a consultant on the project, but some city councilors still have a number of questions.

The city’s branding committee ranked 16 branding proposals and interviewed two finalists before recommending an agreement with Benedictine College to perform the branding services. Benedictine is in Atchison, Kan., but also runs an executive MBA program in Roeland Park.

The proposal from Benedictine is largely pro-bono with the city only paying the cost for an intern at $2,000 and out-of-pocket costs estimate at $1,000. The work on the rebranding would be done largely by graduate level students in marketing classes. Design students would create some of the elements fore the brand.

The branding focus emerged from a recent strategic plan developed by a citizens group for the city.

Councilor Teresa Kelly raised several questions about the proposal, including questions about the selection criteria, portfolios, previous experience with municipal brands and citizen engagement. The proposal includes community engagement such as focus groups, interviews and an online survey. Mayor Joel Marquardt asked if professionals would be able to add some ideas later in the process.

The proposal will be discussed further at a future council workshop.