Northeast Johnson County morning roundup



Supreme Court serious about threat to close schools, argues Rose. Former Johnson County Sun publisher Steve Rose used his weekend column in the Kansas City Star to look at the likelihood that Kansas schools will close if the legislature doesn’t heed the Supreme Court’s deadline to address its school finance decision. “If legislators believe the Supreme Court would not follow through and close schools, they are guilty of wishful thinking,” Rose said. ” There is no way the Supreme Court would want to be viewed as toothless. Its integrity is on the line, even if this argument is over a tiny portion of the state’s school budget. The Legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback can huff and puff. They can blame an “activist” court. They can threaten to change through a constitutional amendment the way justices are selected. But in the end, lawmakers will comply, even if that comes after the high court actually calls their bluff and closes the schools.” [Steve Rose: Lawmakers must comply with Kansas Supreme Court over school funding — Kansas City Star]

SM North associate principal leaving for Olathe Northwest. Chris Zuck, an associate principal at SM North, will be taking the head principal job at Olathe Northwest next school year. [Olathe schools announce three new principals for 2016-2017 school year — WDAF]

Dog dies in Merriam fire. Strong winds Sunday blew down a power line that started a grass fire in Merriam. The fire spread to a detached garage and killed a dog. The fire started about 12:30 p.m. in the 4700 block of Knox Avenue in Merriam. The area was under a fire danger alert because of the high winds and the dry conditions. Fire bans are in place for Merriam and Overland Park. [Tree blown into power line caused grass fire that killed dog in Merriam – The Kansas City Star]

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