Send us your questions for city council candidates in Prairie Village, Mission, Westwood and Westwood mayor


On April 5, voters in Mission, Prairie Village and Westwood will be electing new city council members. Each of the three cities has contested elections. Westwood also has a contested race for mayor.

As we have done in previous election years, Prairie Village Post will send a questionnaire to each of the candidates and publish their answers in the weeks before the election. But we want those questions to be your questions.

Let us know what you would like to ask the candidates. We will sift through your submissions to find the questions that voters care about the most and include them in our list. If you have a question or topic that you would like for us to address to the candidates, please send it along by Monday evening. Be sure to tell us which candidates you are directing the question toward. Each of the city council candidates in a particular city will be asked the same questions. The questions will be specific to the city. Candidates for Westwood mayor may be asked different questions from the city council candidates in that city.

You can send your question to us at,, via Twitter, via Facebook, or in the comments section.

Here are the candidates and races for the April election:


Council Member – Ward 1
▪ Pat Quinn – 5810 W. 53rd Street
Council Member – Ward 2
▪ Scott Babcock – 5353 Lamar Avenue
▪ Nick Schlossmacher – 5709 Outlook
Council Member – Ward 3
▪ Jennifer J. Cowdry – 5222 Lamar Avenue
▪ Kristin Inman – 6332 W. 52nd Street
Council Member – Ward 4
▪ Ron Appletoft – 6308 Woodson Drive

Prairie Village

Council Member – Ward 1
▪ Ashley Weaver – 6739 El Monte Street
▪ Lee Duong – 4116 W. 67th Terrace
Council Member – Ward 2
▪ Ruth Hopkins – 7410 Birch Street
▪ Serena Schermoly – 5819 W. 77th Terrace
Council Member – Ward 3
▪ Andrew Wang – 7221 Canterbury
Council Member – Ward 4
▪ Brooke Morehead – 7921 Fontana
Council Member – Ward 5
▪ Courtney McFadden – 4923 West 90th Street
▪ David Morrison – 9021 Delmar
Council Member – Ward 6
▪ Ted H. Odell – 7916 Aberdeen


▪ James P. Donovan – 3009 West 51st Street
▪ John M. Yé – 4836 Belinder Court
Council Member At-Large – 2 Positions
▪ Jeff Harris – 2512 West 51st Street
▪ David E. Waters – 2701 West 48th Terrace
▪ Jayme Tebow – 4952 Norwood Street
▪ Margaret Bowen – 2406 W. 49th Terrace