Fairway tells residents it’s aware of problems with Town & Country pickup

A joint trash bid has resulted in savings for some northeast Johnson County cities.

Prairie Village residents aren’t the only ones in northeast Johnson County who have been noticing problems with their waste removal service in recent months.

On Friday, Fairway sent an email message to residents letting them know the administration was aware of problems with yard waste collection:

The City is aware of the issues with yard waste collection and has been in communications with Town & Country Disposal. Town & Country Disposal was recently sold and the new operations management (Waste Corporation of Missouri) is in the process of addressing operational and staffing challenges. Those challenges have resulted in yard waste collection being delayed and individual residences missing the collection. As of this week, Town & Country Disposal has ensured the City that all routes in Fairway are now fully staffed and Monday service will resume as normal.

The issues mirror some of those experienced in Prairie Village, where Deffenbaugh Industries recently came before the city council to explain the lapses in service that have frustrated some homeowners.
Deffenbaugh was sold to Waste Management in 2015, and managers said that the transition had created a number of logistical issues that led to problems. As a result, Prairie Village is considering putting its trash contract out to bid for the first time in 14 years. One of the options the Prairie Village council is considering is reaching out to the northeast Johnson County municipalities that contract with Town & Country on a collective bid.

Town & Country was recently sold as well, with ownership transferred to Waste Corporation of America, a regional company, last fall.