Weekend Kitchen: Best breakfast casserole ever (and it’s gluten-free!)


By Julia Westhoff

Frankly, I wasn’t planning on writing about breakfast casserole again. I have an old standby for the few times a year I make one, and that’s usually about all I need in the breakfast casserole category. But we had the most marvelous breakfast casserole brought to us by a friend after the baby was born, and I couldn’t not mention it.

It is gluten-free (should I stop making such a big deal about that?) and it contains leeks. I don’t cook with leeks often, but every time I do I get such a kick out of that squeaky sound they make when you chew them. They’re also in season right now, making them more affordable and especially delicious. If you’re already planning ahead to Easter brunch you should definitely consider making this. The squeaky leeks, the salty ham, and the custardy eggs make a heavenly combination.

The recipe, from the lovely blogger Smitten Kitchen, makes enough to feed a crowd. Or, if you are Jay and me, enough to feed two people 3 days in a row.

Follow the link to breakfast casserole heaven…

(Thanks, Bradleys!)