SM East grad performs before national Grammys audience during Lady Gaga tribute to Bowie

Grayson McGuire
Grayson McGuire
Among the most talked-about moments from Monday’s 58th Annual Grammy Awards broadcast was Lady Gaga’s medley tribute to the recently deceased godfather of glam rock, David Bowie.

And 2012 SM East graduate Grayson McGuire was part of the spectacle as one of Gaga’s backup dancers.

McGuire, who has been dancing since age 11, moved to Los Angeles to pursue his love of dancing shortly after graduating a semester early from high school here in northeast Johnson County. McGuire’s mother Cathy Bennett of Fairway said he fell in love with hip hop dance late in high school and convinced his parents to let him chase the dream of dancing professionally.

“We did what no thoughtful parents should do and let him move to Los Angeles at age 17,” Bennett joked.

The move appears to have paid off. Last year, McGuire was chosen to dance for a popular German singer, and got to perform before a crowd of 78,000 in the Olympic stadium in Berlin during her concert there. That had been his career highlight until he auditioned for an got the Grammys gig a couple weeks ago.

Bennett said McGuire called her shortly after the performance to see how it had looked on television.

“He said performing with Gaga took the cake,” Bennett said.

You can see the performance in the video embedded below. McGuire’s appearance comes around 3:45: