Mission 2015 annual report shows good year for construction; 40 percent of general fund from sales tax

The Mission Farm and Flower Market made its debut in 2015.
The Mission Farm and Flower Market made its debut in 2015.

The annual report from the City of Mission shows that 2015 was an ambitious and active year on a number of fronts, among them the level of new construction in the city.

The value of new construction increased by $7.25 million to reach $24.25 million in building permits, giving the city its highest valuation year since 2010. The new Cornerstone Commons development on Johnson Drive and the Welstone Apartments were two of the biggest projects.

The annual report showed an increase in reported crime in the city after an extremely low reporting year in 2014.

The city started a Farmers’ Market in 2015, which will be back this year, and started work on a parks master plan and a comprehensive plan for land use in the city. Both of the planning processes involved community input sessions. The city also updated its citizen survey that showed both satisfaction levels with existing services and areas of preferred emphasis for the future.

Mission’s finances show that 40 percent of its general fund revenue came from sales and use taxes while only 14 percent came from property tax. Park and recreation fees accounted for 18 percent and franchise fees and fines each made up 10 percent of the general fund revenue.

In general fund expenses, 35 percent went to public safety while public works and parks and recreation each were at 22 percent followed by 12 percent for administration.

A number of other revenue sources, such as stormwater utility fees, supported infrastructure costs.

The full report can be found here.