Corinth’s Sole Patch Men’s Shop plans new location in NorthWood center


Men in the northern part of northeast Johnson County will soon have a new, convenient location to get a quality haircut.

Sole Patch Men’s Shop, which opened its original location in Prairie Village’s Corinth Square in 2007, has signed on to open a second location in the freshly renovated NorthWood Shopping Center in Kansas City, Kan., part of the 47th Street Corridor renovation in which Westwood and Roeland Park officials have been heavily involved.

Founder Ron Mayer said LANE4 Property Group, which owns NorthWood, reached out to him about the possibility of expanding with a NorthWood location.

“Corinth Center was previously owned for a short period of time by LANE4. During that time they became familiar with our business model, our client base, and our plans for growth,” Mayer said. “They approached us once their redevelopment of NorthWood was complete with an opportunity that complimented our growth strategy. In addition, the work that members of the Rosedale Development Association and Westwood City Council have done over the last decade at the 47th Street and Mission Road corridor has now generated a level of business activity in that area which is very exciting.”

Mayer said the new location, which is tentatively scheduled to open in mid-May, would provide the same services as the original, but “in a uniquely designed atmosphere that compliments the space and the neighborhood.” He said the company will be looking to add stylists to the new shop immediately, as opposed to the light staffing present when the Corinth shop started. “[Corinth] started with just myself and one other cutter,” Mayer said.