Empty lot at 47th and Mission in Roeland Park still planned as restaurant location, new owner says

Colby Capital now owns the lot at 47th and Mission Road across from Taco Republic.
Colby Capital now owns the lot at 47th and Mission Road across from Taco Republic.

The property on the southwest corner of 47th and Mission Road that a developer had been hoping to turn into a restaurant, has been sold.

The corner had been the subject of several long discussions at the Roeland Park City Council and Planning Commission last summer regarding temporary parking uses. Developer Tony Krsnich said at the time that he planned to develop the parcel for a new restaurant when he found an operating partner.

Krsnich said this week that he decided to sell the property late last year. The new owner is Colby Capital of Overland Park, which is run by Tyler Oliver. Oliver said he is still planning to develop a restaurant on the site. “Plans are to build-to-suit for a restaurant operator,” Oliver said in an email this week.

Colby Capital also purchased the Taco Republic building across the street in Kansas City, Kan., in 2015, although Bread & Butter Concepts still operates the restaurant. Bread & Butter has two restaurants in Corinth Square and will have a new Italian-themed restaurant in the Woodside Village development at 47th and Rainbow among its other operations.

After Krsnich had removed the old buildings from the corner last year, he applied for a special use permit to have parking on the lot. Those parking spaces are used for Taco Republic overflow. The special use permit granted last July allows the use of 34 spaces for one year and 12 spots for another six months. It also requires the removal of concrete and asphalt from the site after one year. The condition of the lot after the demolition had been a point of contention.

Residential properties were included in the demolition on the lot and would require rezoning for commercial use. It also must meet the guidelines of a 47th and Mission overlay district.

Colby Capital also is listed as a preferred development partner for Dollar General stores. A Dollar General store is closing in the NorthWood Center just to the east of Joe’s Kansas City which is on the northeast corner of the intersection. A Dollar Tree store still operates just to the west of Taco Republic.

The Roeland Park City Council this week passed restrictions that would apply to Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores and limit where they can open. Another Dollar Tree just closed near the Roeland Park Walmart and opened in the old Hobby Lobby building in Mission.