Bruce Smith Drugs changes its name to get in the Chiefs spirit

In the early 1990s, the Chiefs were frequent playoff contenders, and the path to the AFC title game twice pitted them against the then-dynastic Buffalo Bills.

The Bills had this defensive end named Bruce Smith. Bruce Smith was a big guy — 6’4″, 265 lbs — a fearsome fellow whose ability to terrorize opposing offenses earned him 11 Pro Bowl appearances and induction in the Football Hall of Fame. So when the Chiefs played the Bills in one of those playoff games, the good people at Bruce Smith Drugs in Prairie Village were acutely embarrassed by their name. So they temporarily changed their signage to read “Neil Smith Drugs” in honor of the Chiefs defensive end. Unfortunately, it didn’t do the Chiefs much good, as they lost to the Bills in both 1991 and 1993.

That Chiefs regime may be long gone, but Bruce Smith Drugs is still in the same hands. And the owners have taken the opportunity to shake up their name once more to show their support for the city’s football team as it heads into a big playoff game:


Big H/T to reader Mike Harrington for the heads up and photo!