Merriam agrees to allow temporary storage of boats, trailers, RVs in front of house

RV_PVAfter months of discussion by the planning commission and city council, Merriam this week agreed on revisions that will allow temporary storage of boats, trailers and recreational vehicles on residential driveways so owners can get them ready to use or put away.

Previously, the city has not allowed any storage in front of the building line of the property. In December, the council sent the ordinance back to the planning commission on a 4-4 vote that called on Mayor Ken Sissom to break the tie.

The revision, which the council approved 8-0 this week, altered the number of times that temporary storage is allowed and for how long. The latest changes allow four separate non-consecutive occurrences during any 30-day period for up to 72 hours each time.

A recreational vehicle also can be stored for seven consecutive days in front of the building line on two occasions per year.

The previous recommendation was to allow temporary storage of 48 hours twice over a 30-day period.