Mission looks to ease some restrictions on additional dogs, cats; add provision for fostering

Prairie Village will join Mission is opening its pool up to dogs before closing it for the season.
Mission could make it easier for homeowners to add a third dog or cat and make provisions for fostering animals.

After adding chickens to the approved list of animals that can be kept at Mission homes last year, the city council is now poised to loosen some of the restrictions on dogs and cats.

Although in early discussions, the council appears inclined to keep the limit on dogs and cats in the city the same, but remove a requirement that getting a third dog or cat requires the consent of all of the neighbors within 200 feet of the house. Mission now allows two dogs and two cats. A third dog or cat can be added with the special permit which requires a $100 fee and $50 for renewals.

“There have been people whose neighbors have kept them from having a third,” City Administrator Laura Smith told the council. While the ordinance has not created complaints, some questions have been raised, city staff said.

What the city animal control ordinance does not have is any provision for fostering dogs or cats. Councilor Jason Vaughn said he thought it was excessive to charge $100 for fostering. The only way to add foster animals would be to get a special permit if the homeowner already has reached the limit. Vaughn recommended drafting an ordinance around fostering “that makes some sense.”

A comparison to nearby cities prepared by city staff showed Mission’s animal limits are comparable and that most require a special permit for additional animals. The notable distinction was the requirement to obtain consent from neighbors for a third animal. Other cities do require notification, however.

A proposal to make amendments to the animal control provisions is expected to be prepared by staff and come back to the council in the near future.