Prairie Village considers daily rate increase for aquatic center, revamping pool membership structure


Usually we’d try to avoid pool news on Christmas Eve, but it’s going to be like 85 degrees today, so whatever…

The Prairie Village City Council on Monday voted to approve a preliminary plan that will restructure the city’s fee schedule for pool memberships as a way to cut down on the abuse of family passes in recent years.

The council also voted to increase the daily admission rate for an individual from $7 to $8. All of the changes will come up for final approval next month.

Staff suggested revisiting the pool fee structure after noticing that a number of people were putting eight to ten people on a single “family” membership — and they often had different last names. To reduce the potential for abuse, city staff and the parks and recreation committee have recommended a structure that eliminates the family pass option and replaces it with a fee for every individual. The annual fee structure is as follows:

  • Resident individual: $45
  • Resident senior individual: $40
  • Non-resident individual: $75
  • Non-resident senior: $65

Children under age 1 will still be able to enter the pool for free. The city would also offer a five-admission card to residents for $30 and to non-residents for $35.

The parks and recreation committee had recommended an increase to $10 for the daily admission rate for individuals, but the council worried that jump would be too high for many families and could cause pushback to staff working the gates.