BRGR Kitchen + Bar named ‘Best Burger in Kansas’ by Business Insider

Photo via BRGR Facebook.
Photo via BRGR Facebook.

A charmed month for Prairie Village restaurants continues.

Business Insider published a list of the top hamburgers in the nation earlier this month, and Corinth Square’s BRGR Kitchen + Bar earned bragging rights to the title of “Best Burger in Kansas.”

“Prairie Village favorite BRGR Kitchen + Bar burgers are made of a tender chuck and short rib blend, but can be upgraded to bison meat on request,” reads the write up. “One of the most popular: the Cinco de Mayo, a chorizo-and-beef burger made with pepper jack, pico de gallo, grilled jalapeño, avocado, and tortilla strips on a corn bun.”

Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill earned the title in Missouri.

Earlier this month, Story and Cafe Provence earned some national attention, as well.