Weekend Kitchen: Crazy for Christmas cookies, part 2


By Julia Westhoff

As I said last week, this has really been the year of the Christmas cookie in the PV Post household. We’ve made some great ones, some duds, and some that just plain got away (I really wanted to make some peppermint cream brownies, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep them from peppermint-ing the rest of the bunch – any suggestions?). Anyways, the jam cookie I shared with you last week was a favorite, but I had two others I wanted to sneak in while there is still a week to go before the big day.

This first cookie, called Sarah’s Chewy Chocolate Raisin Cookie, is kind of a strange one. A chocolate cookie with boozy raisins, white chocolate and ginger, it is like no other cookie I have ever had. Kind of a crispy chocolate fruitcake cookie. But like really, really good. I will definitely be adding it to my annual repertoire. You can find the recipe here.

Second is a Gingerbread Cookie Bar. If you are a fan of gingerbread cookies (actually, even if you’re not), this will become a go-to recipe. It’s a chewy gingerbread bar with a great cream cheese icing. All the flavor of a gingerbread cookie, but about 100 times tastier.  I used this recipe, but only 2 cups of powdered sugar in the icing instead of 3.

Do you have any favorite Christmas Cookie recipes to share?