Weekend Kitchen: Crazy for Christmas cookies


By Julia Westhoff

I am not sure why, but this year I am going crazy with Christmas cookie baking. In addition to the cookies I will be making with my in-laws, I have made 10 different types of cookies to hand out to friends, colleagues and family. It’s become a slight obsession, albeit a really fun one.

Not all the cookies have been my favorite. Some have been too sweet, some too dry, and some too fussy. But some were extraordinary, and I thought I would share the best over the next couple of weeks, starting with these jam thumbprints.

I feel like a jam cookie is essential on any holiday cookie plate, and this is by far my favorite. I love to use a variety of jams, but I always include apricot. This year I also added raspberry and plum – the color variety looks beautiful on the plate and they all taste delicious.

Of course, the simplest recipes are always the best, and this is no exception. Find the recipe here.