The changing face of the Village: A look at the new home designs going up in PV


As Prairie Village officials look to codify design guidelines that would create more uniform neighborhoods, the spate of teardown/rebuild projects in the city continues unabated.

We thought it might be interesting to take a look at the under-construction and recently completed projects in the neighborhoods surrounding The Village Shops, where building activity appears to be most densely concentrated.

Here, for example, is a house in the finishing stages at 73rd Terrace and Village Drive from the front…:


…and shown with the house next door for some size context:


On Alhambra just south of the shopping center is another under-construction house, shown here from the front…:


…and again with the house next door for context:


Both of those homes, which are much larger in size than the structures they replace, feature a number of elements used in the neighborhood’s original Cape Cods — steeply pitched roofs, gables, etc… But not all of the new homes continue that visual vocabulary. Just a few doors down on Alhambra is a new home that has a more modern look and feel:


One of the most visible new house additions to the area is on Tomahawk Drive across from Porter Park. Here it is from the front…:


…and with the house next door:


What do you make of these additions to The Village Shops neighborhood? Do you think they do a good job of blending in with the character of the surrounding homes?