Marlins Man rewards Prairie Village man’s act of kindness with Trailwood appearance

Laurence Leavy, Marlins Man, snapping a selfie at Trailwood Thursday.
Laurence Leavy, Marlins Man, snapping a selfie at Trailwood Thursday.

A Prairie Village man’s impromptu act of kindness earned his daughter and a few hundred of her classmates a special afternoon Thursday.

On Nov. 30, Randy Fikki was heading to the Overland Park Best Buy to purchase a big screen HDTV when he saw a woman huddled with her two children in the cold rain. He pulled over and asked her if everything was okay. She told him that her car had run out of gas. Fikki couldn’t bear the thought of the kids being out in the cold without coats. He convinced her to let him buy her some gas and some clothes for the kids. The big screen would have to wait for another day. Fikki posted about the experience on Facebook, and it went viral.

Among the thousands of people sending him online pats on the back was a face familiar to hundreds of thousands of Royals fans: Laurence Leavy, better known around these parts as Marlins Man.

Leavy saw Fikki’s story online, and sent him the following message:


The two went to BBQ at Jack Stack on Tuesday:


And on Thursday, Leavy made good on an additional offer to speak at a school of Fikki’s choosing, addressing Fikki’s second grade daughter Bella and hundreds of her classmates at Trailwood. He started off the presentation by snapping a selfie of himself and all the students, and then led the Thunderbirds in a thunderous rendition of the “let’s go Royals” chant.

Nice work, Randy. And nice work, Marlins Man.