New bus route extension would connect Mission Transit Center, KU Med campus; 8 new stops in Roeland Park

Evening bus service at the Mission Transit Center between Johnson Drive and Martway this week.
|The Mission Transit Center between Johnson Drive and Martway will get a new connection to KU Med and Hospital under the proposal.

A bus route extension planned by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) will bring eight new bus stops to Roeland Park and a connection to KU Med from the Mission Transit Center between Johnson Drive and Martway in Mission.

KCATA wants to start the new route and open the bus stops on Jan. 4, Shawn Strate of KCATA told the Roeland Park City Council Monday. The new stops will be along an extension of Route 107 which runs through KCK from 47th and State up to Parallel Parkway and then through downtown to the Metrocenter at 7th and Minnesota. The route now heads to KU Med and the KU Hospital before making a turn around using 47th Street and heading back north on Rainbow Blvd. at Westwood City Hall.

The new route extension would take the bus west along 47th Street and then south down Roe Ave. to Johnson Drive and the Mission Transit Center where connections can be made with a number of other KCATA routes in Johnson County. Strate said KCATA sees the extension as an opportunity to connect people in KCK with jobs in Johnson County. A transit study done on KU Med a few years ago also revealed a gap in the transit system between the KU campus and surrounding communities, Strate said.

The eight new stops would include two on County Line Road between Mission and Roe Lane, two at 48th Street between Roe Lane and Roe Blvd., and four along Roe Blvd. between 48th Street and Johnson Drive. Strate said the rule of thumb in suburban communities is to position a stop every quarter-mile.

KCATA is talking with the city about a shelter at 48th Street, but otherwise the stops would not be sheltered. The stops will need to have concrete pads connecting the sidewalk and curb for boarding. The extension initially would start with four peak hour runs.