Roeland Park resident and twin sister launch KC-focused fashion brand

Emily (left) and Elizabeth Kennedy launched their localE brand this month.
Emily (left) and Elizabeth Kennedy launched their localE brand this month.

Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy have been fashion fanatics since they were kids. For years now, friends and family have sent them photos of their outfits via text message looking for a stamp of approval.

“We’ll get these messages with people asking, ‘Is this okay? Does this work together?'” Emily said. “It’s just kind of turned out that way, where people look to us for fashion advice.”

The twin sisters’ shared interest in style led them to launch a blog, Fashion Column Twins, after they graduated from Kansas State University in 2009. And just this month the two turned their passion into a new clothing brand, localE (pronounced “locally”).

Emily, who lives in Roeland Park, said the idea for the brand had been percolating for a while, but it wasn’t until the sisters found themselves established in the Kansas City area that they were able to get the wheels in motion. LocalE’s initial offerings are soft sweatshirts that highlight a number of Kansas City neighborhoods, including Brookside and the Crossroads. They also have a “sequins” collection that features Kansas and Kansas City labelling in sparkles.

“I love sparkly stuff,” said Emily. “Sequins are making a comeback, and I wanted to do something that was sparkly but subtle. The shirts are really casual and comfortable.”

The sisters’ online store just launched in November. Emily said the initial reaction has been strong, and that they have gotten a number of inquiries about designing shirts for other neighborhoods.

“We’ve already had a lot of people asking us about that,” she said. “KC embraces the local scene, which is one of the things we wanted to cater to.”