Houses that miss Google signup period shut out of service for immediate future

Google Fiber is currently working in Westwood to replace some conduit that was placed under private property in a few spots.
Google Fiber installation started in NEJC in 2014. It is not yet complete in the signup areas from more than one year ago.

The long march to getting Google Fiber service in northeast Johnson County continues with lines being put in across Mission and Prairie Village and service already started in several other cities. But if you miss the initial signup period, it could be a long wait to have another chance.

Google held its initial signups during fiberhood rallies. Those rallies were held in the summer and fall of 2014 for Westwood, Westwood Hills, Mission Woods, Roeland Park and Merriam. Service has already started for some households in those communities and the infrastructure buildout in Mission, Prairie Village and Fairway also has started.

Once Google Fiber closes the signup period for each of its fiberhoods, no additional households can get the service. Google Fiber will re-evaluate the demand in the fiberhoods later and consider re-opening them to signups for the service. In one instance this fall, a household in Merriam changed ownership and the new occupants could not get Google service because the previous resident did not sign up. The Merriam signup period ended in October of 2014. Hookups are still being made to houses in Merriam.

Service to homes that signed up in Roeland Park and the Westwood area also is not complete. Those signups were held in the summer of 2014.

Google Fiber does not have a prediction on when the Prairie Village and Mission signups will take place, but its website shows the remainder of Johnson County, including those cities and Overland Park, will have signups in 2016. More than three years have passed since a petition drive started in Prairie Village to get Google service.

Leawood no longer has an agreement for Google Fiber service to the city, but has AT&T Gigapower service, which also is being installed across many other parts of NEJC.