Roeland Park man named to Dremel’s “Maker in Residence” program


A northeast Johnson County man’s penchant for making things with his own two hands has earned him a coveted distinction in the maker community — and a lot of cool new tools.

Crockett at work in his shop.
Crockett at work in his shop.

Shaun Crockett is a graphic designer by day, but often spends his free time holed up in his Roeland Park garage building things, from his own knives to small engines.

“I always like the empowerment of doing things myself,” he said. “I’m just a guy who likes to work with his hands.”

When he noticed a contest being put on by tool maker Dremel for a “Maker in Residence” program, he figured he’d throw his name in the mix. He submitted an application with a few examples of his work and then promptly forgot about the contest. That is until he got an email from the company letting him know he’d be getting a notarized letter in the mail with details about his prize package. Crockett had become one of just five makers across the country to earn Dremel’s distinction. And the reward was a maker’s dream: $5,000 worth of tools, including a 3D printer and a 3D scanner.

“It was a great feeling,” he said. “Growing up, my family had this ‘do the things we need to do’ perspective that was a really important lesson for me. It’s something that’s fit me well and one of the reasons I like making things.”

Crockett has quickly set to work putting his new tools to good use. Among his first projects was a custom mount for a GoPro camera that attaches to the top of a bow. Crockett took the mount for a test drive at Shawnee Mission Park over the weekend. Check out the video below: